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Muse of the month: Terra LaRock - Community in Motherhood

Muse of the month: Terra LaRock - Community in Motherhood

Scrolling through our April Muse Terra LaRock's Social Media (@loveandlarock) is like seeing snaps of your own journey in motherhood including toilet breaks with the whole brood and cozy moments with her family of four.
She's raw, open and full of knowledge. Terra is on a mission to help others to share the experience of motherhood and has recently launched an app 'Mindful Mamas'
to provide mothers with the tools they need to be happier, calmer, and more present as mothers and as women. 
You are so open with your followers in terms of showing real life and personal struggles along the way. Has that always been your approach to social media or has it changed over time?

Thank you for seeing my efforts to be open and transparent with my life. As a licensed child, family and school psychologist I have often asked others to be honest and vulnerable. I felt that if I was asking others to do this for me, I wanted to practice this as well, sharing my experiences as a way to breed connection. Right now there seem to be a lot of experts offering their opinions, but I think we need human connection and wisdom more than information. I truly believe that vulnerability brings connection. When you are vulnerable, you give others the opportunity to connect with you, to meet you where you’re at, and to help you when they can. Being vulnerable does not make you weak, it just makes you human. 
Terra, you have recently launched a mindfulness app for mothers (Mamas, have a look at @mindfulmamasclub). Was there a specific event or experience in your life that made you decide this is what you need/what to do?
Oh where do I begin with this one? After the birth of my daughter, I struggled with postpartum depression and OCD. Rather than seeking help, I chose to hide what I was dealing with. When I finally opened up about my experiences, I began to realize that I was not the only mama dealing with this or other emotional battles unique to motherhood.  That realization motivated me to create the emotional and mental support that mamas need, thus Mindful Mamas was born.
Can you please explain for our readers what Mindful Mamas is?
Mindful Mamas (MM) is a resource for mothers to become the mothers they want to be. MM gives mothers exactly what they need to be happier, calmer, and more present as mothers and as women. 
At the heart of MM is the Mindful Mamas app which includes mindfulness tools on topics such as sleep deprivation, motherhood guilt, and setting boundaries—specific things that mothers struggle with. MM teaches women to weave self-care into their days without taking time away from their already busy schedules. 
What is your mission with Mindful Mamas  or in other words what do you hope to achieve with it?
I hope that Mindful Mamas can change the social stigmas regarding motherhood. We want mothers to worry less about the things they need as mothers (nursing bras, sippy cups, etc) and focus on the ways they want to be as mothers (calm, attentive, loving, nurturing). 
MM is about caring for the mothers of the world, just as they care for their children. We want to mother the mothers.
Back to you, what is your favorite thing about being a mother?
My favorite part of being a mother is my constant ability to give more. I am amazed that even when I think I have reached a limit, I am still able to show up for my family in the way they need me. Similarly, I am blown away at how beautiful it is to receive. I’ve opened myself up to all that my family gives back to me. This exchange of giving and receiving has made motherhood such a magical and fulfilling experience for me.
What is your favorite thing/ selfcare to do when you have some time for yourself?
When I have some time to myself I love to either lose myself by playing the piano, or find myself by a calming river. The piano music takes my mind away, allowing me to focus on sound alone as the rest of the world fades away. It gives some of my senses a much needed break and allows me to control what I am hearing and feeling.

Rivers, on the other hand, bring me back to the moment. Walking along the edge of a river connects me to the solid ground even as life flows by like the water. It’s calming to me to immerse myself in the sounds, smells, and sensations. This is where I can truly find myself and recenter.
Terra is wearing FINE DAY mini dress in terracotta

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