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Talent extra ordinaire: Amy Nelson

Talent extra ordinaire: Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is a woman of many talents. We first got introduced to her through her music but truly fell in love with her when scrolling through her Instagram. 
Her photography is a whimsical ode to flowers, books, poetry and has become a happy place for us online. 
Amy puts a lot of attention to details in her photography and that's exactly what she did when we chatted to her for this interview; she thoughtfully answered every question with so much openness and insight that it truly felt like sharing experiences with a close friend.
Amy is wearing CHERIE Puff Sleeve Midi Dress and shot the photos for this interview in her home
We hope you're just as charmed by this beautiful glimpse into her Amy's soul, life and art as we were.
Amy, we first got introduced to you through your music but soon discovered you have so many talents: photography, art, flower creations. Have you been super creative since childhood or is it something you discovered within yourself at a later stage in life?
I have always used creativity as a tool for self expression and a place to visit when I needed to navigate my feelings. I don't really know life without it. 
I think anybody can be an artist, but we let self doubt tell us only certain people get to be artists. I was lucky to have parents who didn't judge me for exploring my sensitive side and making art out of it. 
My hope is to live in a world where everybody makes art, just for the sake of it. :)
Where do you find inspiration? 
Inspiration is like the weather forecast for me. Some days, inspiration is everywhere and other days, I have a hard time finding it. If you are creative, I think it is really important to never forget the personal side of art and to never abandon it for the sake of being liked or well received by an audience.
I try to always remember to read poetry as much as I write it or admire other photographs as much as I take photos. Inspiration shows up more frequently the more I am a listener or observer of art! 
Which one of your creative outlets feels the most ‘You’? And why?
I feel like each creative outlet brings out a different side of me. In music, my anger and my most vulnerable feelings. In flower photographs, my joy for nature. In poetry, a combo of the two.  
If I had to pick only one to have forever, I'd probably pick poetry because it's more of a stream of consciousness and it is something I can do while sitting down. I feel like poems are a conversation with myself and unlike music, I can do it without worrying I will wake up the whole neighborhood. 
Words you live by?
Stay weird and stop and smell the roses. 
What does a perfect day look like for you?
A picnic or a swim in July. Then afterwards, a walk through a meadow or a field of wildflowers. If we are talking about wintertime, a perfect day always includes a warm meal and banjo music to listen to.
What was your favorite ELF piece to style?
I love everything ELF! My personal favorite is the Cherie Midi Dress! I wore a red dress on my last album cover and I love the way red appears on stage, so of course I had to get it in red.
Last but not least, where can our customers find you?
@amyflyingakite on Instagram

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