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Talking natural skincare with the founders of PEGGY SUE

Talking natural skincare with the founders of PEGGY SUE

Sustainability and slow fashion are the core values of ELF.
It’s only natural we’re always interested to find out what’s happening in other areas of sustainable business ventures.
That’s how we discovered Peggy Sue Co, a female founded 100% natural skincare brand. Today we chat to the two founders Shanah and Alysha to find out more about their mission and vision to deliver the very best in natural skin care.
We only just gave our skincare an overhaul in the past year and started paying attention to the ingredients that we put on our skin daily. 
You on the other hand have been pioneers in that field. 
How did you start Peggy Sue and did you have the goal to create 100% natural skincare from the start or is that something that developed with research?
Well!! The Peggy Sue journey began with me, Shanah, in October 2016 and was incredibly unglamorous. 
It actually only started with the idea of making soap for some Christmas presents one year. These soaps were fun and pretty and were palm oil-free, and after posting a photo of the soaps online, a few people commented that they were keen to buy some as gifts. I had a 6-month-old daughter at the time, whose name is Peggy. Cue the new Instagram account, ‘Peggy Sue Soaps’. 
In the lead up to Christmas, I sold about 1000 soaps purely through Instagram. I didn’t even have a website at that stage. I was utterly shocked. There was no time to have any sort of business plan or goal here. It was purely just a hobby that started exploding into something that could be pretty great. 
I had grown up with a mum in the skincare industry, so I was pretty familiar with the ins and outs of products and skincare routines. However, with the rise in environmental awareness, I wanted to create a brand that was as eco friendly as possible. But on top of that, like most women, I wanted products that were beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as well, instead of brown and generic like a lot of eco-friendly products can be. Cue Alysha, one of my good friends and now co-owner of Peggy Sue. We worked incredibly hard to create a range of organic skincare products that were just that, as eco friendly as possible and nothing short of aesthetically pleasing. 
Each product has been carefully thought out and curated with love. Our range is kind on the planet, is perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, and is designed to not only nourish and care for your skin, but we hope for our products to help us all slow down each day and enjoy meaningful moments of self-care, where we can recenter our minds and show ourselves some love.
When browsing all the incredible products on your website we came across your philosophy of ‘skinimalism’. Could you explain what that is? 
Sure, Skinimalism is a play on minimalism. We focus on using the minimum number of products possible for the maximum benefit to your skin. So, we’ve designed a unique range of multi-use products that allow people to enjoy self-care at its finest, without them needing to use multiple products in their skincare routine each day, something that Alysha and I just absolutely love as it gives us more time in the day to be with our little ones. 
If you could only use three skincare products for the rest of your lives. Which ones would those be? 
Gosh, that is SO hard! As you can imagine, my bathroom shelves are packed with the entire Peggy Sue range, so I may be slightly biased right now. 
  • At the top of that list would be our PM Blue Tansy Oil because it truly is so indulgent and always helps calm my skin if I experience any hormonal breakouts.
  • Closely followed by our Dawn To Dusk Moisturiser, it can be used as your morning moisturiser, your renewing night cream, and your active eye cream.
  • And, for something a little different, if you haven’t seen KORA’s Milky Mushroom Cleansing Oil, it is incredibly fun to shake and glides onto your skin.
Shanah wears LOLA Dress in the Daisy Fields print & Alysha wears THALIA  Dress in Brown Gold
You have 5 kids between the two of you and you’re running a business. On the rare occasion you get some time to yourself. How do you like to unwind and take care of your own wellbeing?
Honestly, Alysha and I love spending time with our families as much as possible. For me, Peggy is starting school this year, so we try to go on little adventures together as much as possible. Either we are travelling along the gorgeous coastline that we get to call home in the Illawarra or enjoying some snuggly family time by our fire pit roasting marshmallows. 
We’re always interested in the entrepreneurial journey of other female founders. SInce it’s the new year, how do you set intentions and goals at the beginning of the new year?
Alysha, I and our Team will sit down with a huge yearly calendar and write down all the things we want to achieve this year. We write down any idea, big or small, and find creative ways to make it happen. 
Shanah wears LOLA Dress in the Daisy Fields print & Alysha wears THALIA  Dress in Brown Gold
Words you live by?
 It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Treat others like you want to be treated! 
Last but not least, where can our customers find you?
Our gorgeous customers can find us via our website: 
They can also follow us at: 

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