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Connecting with your creative side with Tammy Kanat

Connecting with your creative side with Tammy Kanat

We came across Tammy's crestions on Instagram  a while ago and were instantly captured by her colourful, fund and unique art pieces. They feel vibrant, bohemian and are all in colour schemes that feel like the most perfect combination possible.
We got to know Tammy a bit through her art in recent months and were delighted when we had the chance to chat to her about her journey as an artist, finding inspiration and how to get started with your own creativity.
Tammy, we are so in love with your art! It’s so unique (we’ve never actually seen fiber art like yours). Have you always been creative or is arts & crafts something you discovered at a later point in life?
I discovered my creativity when I was in my late twenties. My first experience was in ceramics, I then moved in to jewellery design and I ran a jewellery business called Mink for about 12 years and then in 2011 I turned my attention to tapestry weaving. I fell in love with the experience and have been weaving ever since. It is a meditative process and the options of what can be created are endless. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and constantly pushing the boundaries to keep the work interesting and unique.
What fuels your creativity?
My creativity is fuelled by so many different aspects of my life. There is a deep internal connection which is always reflected in my art. I often find the colours I use are instigated by my emotions. The couples I use are often uplifting and quite strong. I am also impacted by my surroundings, especially nature. I am fascinated and constantly inspired by natures colours, shapes and textures. Whenever I have time in nature, on hikes or bushwalks my mind goes into overdrive. Sometimes I wish I had more hands like an octopus so I could weave faster and get all my ideas out.
Creativity is a place I get to connect with my internal and external world all at once. I feel grateful to have this outlet.
Do you have daily rituals? If so, what are they?
I love preparing my studio before I start creating. A cup of tea, I light a candle and play either a podcast (eg: Talk Art or Unlocked by Brenee Brown), or I listen to an audiobook ( I am listening to the Alchemist at the moment and it is an amazing classic) or music. My studio which is based at home is my sacred place and if the energy in there is calm I feel I can do my best work. The walls are covered in colourful tapestry wool which is a constant inspiration whilst I am working.
Do you have a favorite art work of yours and if so could you share why it is your favorite?
It is hard to have a favourite as all my works seem special during the process and I put 100% into each piece. Each work I create comes from a different place from within me, so it is difficult to choose a favourite. There are some works I feel more excited about than others. Chasing Petals is one work I have decided to keep as it was created during lockdown and I feel I have a strong connection with this piece as it was an important piece to create and helped me through the lockdown. It was a representation of all the flowers in the neighbourhood as I walked the streets. We were in lockdown for 4 months which was a longtime.
Starting something new can be daunting. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to  reconnect with their creative side and start something new?
Just start with no expectation, creativity is not about right or wrong as it is a personal expression. That’s what is so beautiful about art you cannot get the answer wrong, unlike maths. . Create a ritual for yourself every day to commit to your creativity and don’t focus on the outcome just enjoy the process.
Words you live by?
Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Last but not least, where can our customers see your beautiful pieces and contact you? 
Instagram: tammykanat
Tammy wears our Thalia Midi Dress in Brown Gold.

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