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Zero Waste Commitment

Zero Waste Commitment

Craftsmanship and sustainability are keywords in our production.
We are dedicated to those core values instead of mass manufacturing and wastefulness.
Our Wasteless production project was created to support the local community and to help our industry to maintain an ecological balance in our operations with mother nature.
We believe that design and fashion can be sustainable and responsible at the same time as being modern and unique.
We upcycle all leather scraps from shoes and bags production and create gifts that come with every order we ship to you
We add two intricately woven leather bracelets to every parcel we ship.
These leather bracelets are added to your package - to send you a piece of our home island of Bali and first and foremost as a part of our Wasteless Production.
We honour the tradition of hand-making by supporting artisans in Bali.
While all our pieces are handmade by skilful leather artisans, the bracelets that we add to your orders are handmade by Balinese women at a small home factory. 
Our wasteless production philosophy provides these women with the stable source of income and way to support their families.
We invite you to be a part of the change and shop with a clear conscience from our sustainable production.

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