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Q & A: Handmade Process

Q & A: Handmade Process


You know that all our shoes are handmade and made to order but do you know what 100% handmade truly means?
In today's fast paced fashion environment the meaning and understanding for handmade pieces has taken a backseat and many have forgotten how much time and skill goes into it.
That's why we thought it would be great to do a Q&A with our tailors (the true core of ELF) to answer some questions about our handmade process.
      * * *
Are all shoes handmade?     
Yes, every single pair of our flats, sandals, heels and boots (and handbags) is 100% handmade start to finish from each rivet secured to every individual stitch sewn. All our pieces are designed and handcrafted  to order with genuine love, passion and care at our own factory in Bali. 
Are all the stages of the shoe & bag production a handmade process or is there automation/machinery involved?
Each pattern is cut by hand and each pair is sewn with use of small sewing handheld machines for bringing upper parts together. There is no automation or large machinery involved. Every pair of leather shoes and leather bag is handmade in hours of dedicated skilful work. 
How long does it take to manufacture a pair of shoes?
Each pair of shoes takes about 7-10 days to be manufactured. Production process is followed by a thorough quality control check to ensure we deliver you the product that is made with highest standard. Please allow total of 15 - 21 days for your shoes to be handmade and delivered.
* * *
Do your shoes have leather soles?
Both our handcrafted inner soles and outer soles are made from genuine leather. Additionally we use rubber on the outer to prevent slipping and provide protection for the leather sole.
Where are your shoes made & where do you source your leather from? 
    All our shoes are handmade on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia at our own carefully organised production facilities. We source all our leather locally from two thoroughly checked leather suppliers, that we have been working with ever since ELF was born.
Do you have vegan leather options?
Yes, we have recently launched our first Eco Leather Collection made from sustainable PU leather. So far we have two of our Bestsellers Mangrove Flats and Midsummer Sandals available in vegan leather. We will be adding other items made of eco leather in the near future. Stay tuned!
* * *
Can you make shoes off my personal measurements?
Yes, we can absolutely do that. Our shoes run true to size but if you're ordering for the first time we recommend you measure your feet according to our simple guide: How to measure your foot
You can add your measurements in the comment section when placing your order or email us at We will be happy to manufacture your shoes off your personal measurement.

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