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Meet our team: The women behind ELF

Meet our team: The women behind ELF

When you're reading this blog post you might already know that all our leather shoes and bags are handmade with love and custom made to your order. 

We want you to know the people behind Bali ELF and the handmade pieces we create.
At the start of the year we introduced some of our tailors who manufacture your shoes and bags with skill and love.
Today we introduce some of the women behind ELF that keep everything running smoothly and make sure each and every product meets our high standards.
Please meet three valued members of our team. 
Our people are the core of our business: a group of hardworking individuals that are passionate, eager and proud members of Bali ELF.    
Ni Kadek Manis Wiantari is the director of Bali ELF factory.  She has been with the company for 4 years and is a wonderful and reliable support for everyone in the team. She  has two sons (20 years and 16 years) and is originally from Negara on the Western coast of Bali.
Hi Kadek, you have interesting hobbies. Can you share what you like to share what you do in your free time?
I am a yoga instructor and I love meditation. And this sounds funny but I also enjoy doing work around the house and listening to music.
You know each and every single product. What are your favorite ELF pieces?
My favorite pieces are the Velvet Moon Foldover Booties and the Silky Shore Crossbody Bag.
Last question, would you like to share your dreams for the future?
My dream is to become truly successful with what I do.
Ni Ketut Asri is the Head of our Quality Control department and has been with ELF for 3.5 years. Her job is to ensure that all finished pieces meet our high standards before they are shipped to customers. Her favorite ELF piece is the Urban Nomad Bag.
Ketut, you have a very important role at ELF. What do you like to do to unwind in your free time?
I like to rent a bike and relax at Berawa Beach. And I also like to go shopping.
Do you have a family?
Yes! I am married and I have three children (28 years, 25 years and 18 years)
We know you like traditional Balinese food. Can you tell us what your favorite dish is?
My favorite thing to eat is Tipat Cantok. It is a common traditional Balinese food that can be found almost anywhere in Bali. It’s  made of mix steam vegetables (water lily, long beans and bean sprout) with rice cake mixed with peanut sauce. Sometimes I add sweet soy sauce to add more sweetness to it.
Yuli Safitri is a proud member of ELF's Quality Control Team and has been with the company for two years. She's married and has two children (17 years and 10 years). Her favorite place in Bali is Pandawa Beach on the southern tip of the island.
Hi Yuli, you were born in another part of Indonesia. Can you tell us where you're from?
I'm from Banyuwangi in the East of Java. The name means 'Fragrant water' but the town is also called City of Festivals as many festivals are held there every year.
You see so many ELF products every day. What is your favorite piece?
As our final question, can you share with us what you like to do in your free time?
I like to travel, go shopping with my friends and I love eating Spaghetti although that's not really a hobby :)

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