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Creating memorable unboxing experience

Creating memorable unboxing experience


We believe that unpacking should be an experience in itself: opening that dreamy box, finding the unexpected beautiful gifts and knowing that your purchase was hand-wrapped in sustainable materials with much love and care. Something we always look forward to when ordering online.
So what do we hide in the boxes of goodies and what should you expect when ordering from us?

Sustainable packaging material

Eco packaging is entirely about the environment and leaving smaller footprints where possible. We aim to do just that by offering our customers a memorable unboxing experience based around eco-friendly packaging.
All our packing materials are made from recycled, eco-friendly ingredients.
Our boxes are crafted from corrugated cardboard which is go-to solutions for packaging sustainability. They are organic and over  80% biodegradable.
For all our printed packaging we use recycled Cocoa Paper from botanical "second life" materials. It is a recycled paper handmade using the waste bark from cocoa trees sourced from Sulawesi island in Indonesia. By supporting Cocoa Paper we are committed to helping provide a stable income for cocoa farmers and their families in Indonesia.
Every order comes with a cotton bag that can be used to protect your shoes or a leather bag when you are not using them. These beautiful bags are made of 100% organic cotton material and can be reused over and over again.
Additionally we truly believe we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle: taking a reusable cotton bag to the grocery store,
buying things in glas jars or without packaging - or things as simple as reusing our shoe boxes to keep our space organized.

Upcycled gifts






All our products are ethically handmade with genuine love, passion and care

and packaged with attention to details.

We create timeless products that grow older with you and last for a lifetime.

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