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Conversation with Free Spirit and Creative Mind Anastasia Y.

Conversation with Free Spirit and Creative Mind Anastasia Y.

Beautiful Anastasia (@ayakhnina on Instagram) has been our style crush ever since she's caught our eye on a Bali beach watching the sunset with her daughter Theia.
Not only does she embody free and effortless beauty, she also has an incredible eye for creative styling and capturing the unique feel of  moments on film. 
We love the opportunity to get to know Anastasia a little more in our candid interview and be inspired by the stunning photos she captured for us in Portugal.
We are sure a lot of our customers already know you from your socials @ayakhnina but for those who don’t, can you tell us where in the world you currently are and with whom?
We’re currently traveling by car from South of Portugal where we’re normally based to Berlin. The crew consists of my boyfriend Kostya, our daughter Theia and all the friends we’re meeting on the way.
You’ve lived in quite a few different places with your small family. What are the values you hope to install in your daughter through travelling the world with her?
Living in different places happens naturally as we’re following our hearts and opportunities and she simply follows us. 
I’m actually aiming to let go of any particular expectations on what kind of person she’s going to grow into, but definitely doing my best to show her the beauty, freedom and complexity of life on this planet. And also, that real magic exists.
We always love to see you doing yoga flows( sometimes with your daughter Theia). What other activities do you enjoy to have some me time and clear your head?
Swimming in cold Atlantic Ocean, dancing alone in the garden, watching people, doing art with Theia... 
But really I just prefer to be meditative throughout the day, so there’s not too much to be cleaned later :)
We absolutely adore your creative eye and art directory. How do you come up with concepts for shootings and where do you get your inspiration from?
I love purity: whether in people, ways of living or spaces. Concentrating on kids photography recently because I’m absolutely blown away by the harmony between them and untouched natural environments. 
Colors, lights, eyes expressions, authentic places, invisible movement... anything can start an idea and when that happens I’m the happiest person on Earth.
   We find it can be  hard to compliment ourselves, If you had to name one favorite thing about yourself what would it be?
Probably flexibility! Not even meaning splits here haha, but an ability to improvise and play with life without unnecessary boundaries, sometimes out of balance but always in the flow.
And last but not least, which was your favorite ELF piece to style from this shoot?
I really love the flower dress which itself feels like a flower, opening up with the wind and creating a beautiful shape for the body. Also the round leather bag is now with me everyday, absolutely legendary!
Anastasia wears:
SEA VIEW Midi Dress in 'Lilac Fantasy'
TAJ MAHAL Pointy-Toe Mules in 'Pure White'
LILIT  Midi Dress in 'Spring Blossom'
HALCYON Round Crossbody Bag in 'Vintage Camel'
MADAGASCAR Woven Sandals in 'Vintage Camel'

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