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Alethea - Summer Collection '21

Alethea - Summer Collection '21

The wait is finally over...
Our new Summer Collection 2021
'Truth of Summer'
is available online!
This collection is inspired by beautiful Mediterranean style. Made to feel like you're enjoying the warmth and slow pace of Southern Europe when wearing these new pieces.
The colours of Alethea reflect soft and warm tones as they appear in nature around us.
The styles in this collection were created in a beautiful balance of subtle, soft colours and intricate, skillful manufacturing techniques. 
At the heart of Alethea is the love for high quality natural materials such as leather and cotton.
    Every piece in this collection was designed to become a beloved wardrobe staple that gives your outfit
that special 'je ne sais quoi' touch.
Truth of Summer
Alethea was created through a blend of timeless, quiet designs such as Orra Leather Sandals  & Thalia Midi Dress mixed with fun and feminine eye catchers. Some of those eye catchers are our brand new fun Sierra Clogs or Venus Ballet Flats in gold.
Chose your favorites and feel like you're on a vacation in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea whenever you wear them.
You can find the full ALETHEA Collection here.

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